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                      Sheet Metal Cutting And Processing Process
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                      Sheet metal up to now has a more complete definition, according to some professional journals on a definition can be defined as: sheet metal is in sheet metal ( usually below 6mm) a cold working process, including cutting, punching / cut / composite, folding, welding, riveting, stitching, molding ( such as car body ). Its notable features is the same parts of uniform thickness. The Wuhan pilot CNC for you on a sheet metal cutting and processing process.

                      Sheet metal cutting sheet metal forming is an important procedure. It includes the traditional cutting, punching, bending forming method and process parameters, including all kinds of cold stamping die structure and process parameters of all kinds of equipment, working principle and operating method, also includes a new stamping techniques and new technology.

                      For any one of the sheet metal parts, it has a certain processing process, the so-called process. With the sheet metal structural differences, the process may vary, but in general does not exceed the following points.

                      1 design and draw its sheet metal parts, also called the three view. Its role is drawing manner to the sheet metal pieces of the structure to express.

                      2 drawing expansion graph. Also is a complex structure parts into a flat pieces.

                      3. Feeding the way has many kinds, mainly in the following ways:

                      A. shearing blanking. Is the use of shears cut out picture shape size . If the punching, cutting angle, then punch combination die punching, cutting forming.

                      B. punch blanking punch points. Is the use of one or more steps in sheet metal parts after admiral flat structure of punching forming. The utility model has the advantages of short time consumption, high efficiency, reduces the processing cost, often used in batch production.

                      C.NC CNC cutting .NC when feeding the first to NC programming. Is the use of programming software, the drawing expansion graph of NC machine tools can be written as NC identification procedures. So according to these procedures step by step in a piece of iron plate, the plate structure and the shape of the punched out.

                      D. laser cutting. By laser cutting means, in a piece of iron on the flat structure of the cutting out of shape.

                      The 4 flange tapping. Also called pumping hole flanging, is in a smaller base hole pumping into a larger hole, then in the pumping hole tapping. It can increase its strength, avoid sliding . Generally used in plate thickness relatively thin sheet metal processing. When the plate thickness is large, such as 2, 2.5 above the plate thickness, we can directly without tapping, flanging.

                      5 punch processing . General punch processing punching angle cutting, punching and blanking, punching, blanking, convex hull tear draw hole processing, in order to achieve the purpose of processing. The processing requires a corresponding die to complete the operation. At the convex hull of the convex mold, red tear tear forming mould.

                      6 pressure riveting pressure riveting of this plant, used frequently have stud pressure riveting, riveting pressure, pressure riveting screws, nuts, the pressure riveting way through the press or hydraulic pressure riveting machine to complete the operation, the riveted to the sheet metal.

                      7 bending. Bending is 2D flat, folded into 3D parts. The processing needs a folding bed and a corresponding bending die to complete the operation. It also has certain bending sequence, its principle is the next knife does not generate the interference of the fold, can produce interference after the folding.

                      8 welding welding is a plurality of parts welded together, achieving the purpose of processing or individual parts seam welding, to increase its strength. The processing method generally have the following: CO2 gas shielded arc welding, argon arc welding, spot welding, welding robot. The welding method is according to the actual requirements and materials selection set. In general CO2 gas shielded arc welding for iron welding; TIG welding for aluminum welding; welding robot is mainly in the materials is larger and longer usage. If the cabinet weld welding, the welding robot, can save a lot of tasks, improve work efficiency and welding quality.

                      9 surface treatment surface treatment phosphating coating, plating are generally colored zinc, chromate, paint, oxidation and so on. Phosphate coating is generally used for cold rolled plate and electrolytic plate, its function is mainly in materials sheet coated with a layer of protective film, prevent oxidation; again is to strengthen the baking paint adhesion. Colorful zinc plating general cold rolled plate surface treatment; chromate, generally used for aluminum and aluminum oxide surface treatment; its specific surface treatment methods selection, according to customer requirements.

                      The 10 assembly. The assembly is a plurality of parts or components according to a certain way of assembling together, make it become a complete product. The attention is on and protection, can not be designated collision. Assembly is a material to complete the final step, if the materials for zoned bumps and cannot use, need to rework, will waste a lot of processing time, increase the material cost. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the materials protection.


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