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                      Press Mechanical Classification
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                      Our company always adhere to the customer first conviction for the new and old customers, and to high-quality products and services to win the majority of users of praise . Today Xiaobian introduce press machinery classification.

                      1, screw press for screw press screw, nut as the transmission mechanism, and by spiral drive the flywheel and the forward and reverse rotation slider into the up and down reciprocating movement of forging machinery mechanical press. When working, the flywheel rotating motor acceleration to saving energy, at the same time through the screw, nut slide blocks are pushed downward movement. When the slider contacts the workpiece, the flywheel was forced to slow down to stop completely, stored rotational kinetic energy into the impact energy, through the sliding block to clamp the workpiece, so that the deformation. After the end of the fight, motor flywheel inversion, drives the sliding block to rise, back to the original position. Screw press specification nominal working force to said.

                      In 2, the crank press crank press is one of the most commonly used cold stamping equipment, used for cold stamping die working platform. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use. According to the different forms of the bed structure, crank press can be divided into open or closed type crank press crank press driven by the connecting rod; the number can be divided into single point press or multi point press; press slide block number is one or two can be divided into single-action or double-action press.

                      In 3, the friction press friction press machine is a universal strong pressure processing machine, widely used in various industries, the pressure processing is used. In press structure machinery manufacturing industry, friction press more widely applied, can be used to complete the forging, forging, bending, correction, fine press work, some flashless forging also use the press to complete. The press in the use of universal nature is bigger, and the structure, installation, operation and auxiliary equipment is simple and low-cost advantages, so in the machinery manufacturing, automobile, tractor and aviation industries in the stamping workshop, forging workshop, forging workshop are widely used, can also be used for the punching and pressing work of refractory materials.

                      In 4, press press is advanced press equipment, is a multiple compressor integrated, generally by the head unit, a feeding mechanism, and the tail part of press. The fast pace of up to 40 times / min above, can meet the needs of high-speed automatic production. A unit can be divided into unstacking unit, a magnetic belt and cleaning, oiling equipment; the feeding mechanism consists of feeding arms; compressor is generally divided into block and single block, according to the different needs of choice, tail part generally by the conveyor belt.

                      Our products are of superior quality, reasonable price, sincere look forward to your service.


                      Manager:Pan Aiping


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